This may come as a surprise, but…we’ve never moved a train car before. We quickly realized that it’s going to be a bit more complicated – and a bit more costly – than we’d first hoped.

Since we are crowdfunding the majority of the costs to save the caboose and salvage its sister cars, we decided to have open book finances for our campaign contributors to easily see what all the various pieces cost. Take a look at the table below, and reach out if you have questions!



Who's paying for it?


75-ton Crane

We're working with Charles and Stephanie of Brighton Crane, who have experience moving railcars. Estimated cost is without major problems on-site (such as unexpected time disconnecting the caboose body from its trucks, or further clearancing for the crane's supports day-of). Quote also includes travel between current site and new location, approximately 3 miles.
---Crowdfunding Campaign---


Heavy-hauling Trucking Company

We're working with Sabrina & Steve of Disher Trucking, and they actually specialize in moving rail cars! In addition to the actual moving of the cars and their trucks (using two different trucks day-of), this also includes the purchase/delivery/assistance setting up a pair of new ~40-foot rails (@$100/ea). Additionally, Steve and Sabrina are a wealth of information and have offered a lot of valuable insight to the process!
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Structural Support Beams & Brackets for Caboose Wall

The caboose needs three large, Z-shaped steel beams (and a few smaller brackets) on the east side where the wall section of the caboose was removed when it was originally built into the restaurant. Longero ( out of Denver has agreed to sponsor this part of the project, giving these materials to us at cost as well as donating their labor in bending them into the correct shape (huzzah!).
---Crowdfunding Campaign---

Discounted to $269 (from $893)

UPDATED - Caboose Wall Rebuild Materials

With ~12' missing from the east wall of the caboose and a few other areas of the exterior walls that are rotted after 104 years, once we get the major structural supports in place (see above), we'll need to replace the wood of the walls to protect the caboose from the elements. The cost shown is the estimate for materials only; we still need to get an estimate for the whole job including labor, but for now we're just hoping to get the main cost of materials covered!
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Backhoe Rental

With the caboose having sat for nearly half a century, we had some significant hurdles to overcome in digging it out. The backhoe was used to dig the majority of the hard-packed Colorado earth away from the trucks on the west side, to move the trees we had cut down, to move the platform that was on the south side of the caboose, to uproot and move the giant old satellite dish, and to clearance the area for the crane. It was invaluable! The cost is for a severely discounted 1-day rental (shoutout to Abe at Sunbelt who was happy to help out given the nature of the project - thank you, Abe!!)
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Discounted to $395 (from ~$600!)

Oxy/Acetylene Cutting Torch

We bought a torch off Craigslist as we have a lot of thick cast iron & steel to cut in order to prepare the railcars to move. It didn't make sense to outsource or rent this as it's not a one-day need, and we hope to sell the torch once the project is over and recoup the majority of this cost (and put it elsewhere toward the project!).
---Crowdfunding Campaign---


Website Design/Build

Travis has significant experience building websites, and was able to spend a few midnights putting this one together. Cost includes domain names, the site theme, and a few particular plugins to make everything work correctly.
---The Ramos Family---

$350 (~$9,500 in donated labor)

Estimated Credit Card Payment Processing Fees

We've been using as our trusted partner for both the processor and gateway for our business The ShutterBus for years, and it was seamless to set this up in a similar fashion. Costs include $25/mo, an interchange fee of 2.9%, and a base rate of $0.30/transaction. We're covering these costs so 100% of what you contribute goes directly toward saving the caboose..
---The Ramos Family---


Demolition Tools Rental

Shoutout to Resource in Boulder! They rent miscellaneous hand tools such as mauls, mattocks, axes, sledgehammers, and giant crowbars for the princely sum of $1/each per day, which equipped us with everything we needed to get the roof off, etc. This includes three days of rental and the annual membership fee.
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Railroad Ties

This is another Craigslist purchase, and quality, standard 8' ties generally go for $20/ea. We need 20 of them for the caboose, and we need to haul them (multiple trips in my truck).
---Crowdfunding Campaign---

$440 (discounted from ~$800!)

Signage, Flyers & Cards

We decided to launch this campaign at the Louisville Parade of Lights, and to do so printed up 1000 cheap-as-possible business cards and Xeroxed 500 flyers to help spread the word. We also had a large, cheap-as-possible sign printed to put on the caboose and up-cycled two old track light fixtures from Resource to light the sign and the caboose up at night.
---Crowdfunding Campaign---


General Labor & Coordinating

Between our family, friends, and volunteers, we easily have dozens of hours of labor into this project. While we're obviously not paying ourselves or volunteers (though we are paying incremental costs for food & drinks), it's important to consider the immense amount of effort that's going into this!
---The Ramos Family (and generous volunteers!)---


Projected Grand Total

Includes what's been actually spent thus far as well as estimates for remaining costs.
---Crowdfunding Campaign + The Ramos Family---