Volunteer Your Time & Expertise

Sand/Media Blasting Professional

If you have a commercial, mobile media blasting setup and are willing to work with us, we need your help!! Please reach out asap - between the wood walls, the wheels/trucks, metal platforms, etc, we need to have a lot of sandblasting to be done as we begin doing restoration work!


You're frustrated at life and need to vent. We have sharp, heavy tools on hand and need to demolish some things to salvage the boxcars' and extract the caboose. Perfect!

Master/Finish Carpenter

The east wall of the caboose is about to have a gaping, 12' section missing when we cut it free from the rest of the building. We're going to weld the massive, external-support beams on the outside, however, we need someone with the skill and expertise to rebuild this wall like a boss - with new wood, interior framing, etc.

[UPDATE - NEED MET - Thank you Dave Fulcomer!!] Welding Expert

We need a welder. As in, we need an individual who can come in and heavy-duty-weld both ends of three massive steel 1/4" thick Z-shaped beams back onto the caboose before we relocate it, and do a seriously professional job. No boogery, spattery, gotta-keep-grinding-it-down-47-times sort of welds (like mine!) will do!

Chainsaw Massacre-ers

Know how to chainsaw things up real good? We need your help! And we're talking about massacre-ing trees and other such things made of wood, not people, here, just to be clear. Halloween is way over.

Visual Social Media People

Listen, it's a hard-knock-life trying to dig out a train car and video yourself digging out the train car all at once, then find a hot minute to try to post the thing to the Instagrams. We need a few folks who are good at the social medias and the smart phones and the filming to help document this whole thing well!

Vincent van Gogh

Are you Vincent van Gogh? If so, we can you use you. If not, but you still know how to paint things up real good, we need to give the caboose a new coat of paint to help protect it from the elements. Want to help? Let us know!

Provide Needed Tools & Resources

HUGE NEED: Excavator, backhoe or other such beast-machine

I'm gonna shoot you straight here: I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to giant construction machinery. I drove an excavator for the first time the other day when we dug out the caboose. We basically need a backhoe, excavator, or other such machine that has a big clamping bucket and weighs more than ~three minivans to help tear down the boxcar walls and roofing, then load the carnage into a roll-off. Please let us know if you know someone, or are someone, with access to such equipment!

[Loaner] Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Trailer - UPDATE - NEED MET - Thank you, Ben & Lisa Carter!!

Folks, we got to haul some things. Heavy things. Like Railroad ties. And railroad tracks. And probably a bunch of other various and sundry things that will be sprung on us in the process. Are you someone, or do you know someone, who can loan us a trailer that won't break in half with a ton or two of railroadery on it? Let us know!

[Loaner] Chainsaw - UPDATE - NEED MET! Thank you, Cesar with Double 8 Knot!

You have an old chainsaw named Betsy that's brought you through 17 winters so far and never let you down. We'd never ask you to loan us Betsy. But if you have another, different, chainsaw that works OK and has a blade that's at least as sharp as a mule's teeth, we'll take it!

Railroad Rails - UPDATE - NEED MET! Thank you, Disher Trucking!!

Never thought I'd be asking someone for a ~35 foot long pair of railroad tracks, but here we are! Got a pair lying around in the side yard? Got a buddy who knows a buddy who secretly collects sections of railroad track? Give us a shout!

Railroad ties - UPDATE - NEED MET! Thank you, Tomas, from Craigslist!

Just learned this today: you generally need 8 railroad ties per truck, and 16 ties per railcar, to place a railroad car and not have it, you know, literally sink into the earth in all its 45,000 pounds of glory. So...right. We need a bunch of railroad ties. Apparently we need "Relay ties" (not the ones that have been sitting in your back yard garden for 15 years), and...we need them STAT. Let us know if you know someone, or would like to contribute all or part of the $600-800 to meet this need and purchase them!