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Welcome to the Adventure!

[Check Here for Updates on Saving & Restoring The Louisville Caboose]


Some people have said we’re crazy for attempting this.
We’re not exactly saying they’re wrong.

Sometimes in life, there are things you think might be relatively straightforward.

And then, somehow, you find yourself laying on your back in the mud between the giant wheels of a 45,000-pound train with an oxy-acetylene torch that you just bought off Craigslist in your left hand, a set of welding goggles in your right, looking around at the cobwebs entangling everything and unsure about what to do next. And as you watch your warm breathe escape into the cold November air, and snow gently starts to fall, you think: “What exactly have I gotten myself into, here?”

Welcome to the adventure of saving a 104-year-old train from being demolished, within five weeks, at the onset of Colorado winter. Here are the updates.

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Years that the train cars have been in Louisville


Years since the caboose first hit the rails!


Number of raccoons that we think inhabited the train cars before we started


The weight of just the caboose, in pounds
Campaign Updates
February 13, 2020

Announcing CRANE DAY – February 29, 2020

WILL YOU JOIN US? On the morning of February 29th, a huge crane will raise the caboose from its half-century resting place, lifting it to new life, literally saving it from being demolished. We can't wait. And we'd like to invite you to be part of the event. We're envisioning taking a historic photograph, together,…
General Updates
December 11, 2019

We were on the news!!!

I've been struggling to keep on top of updates here or to social media lately, but had to at least get this (below) on here! Yesterday morning, around 6:05am, I was laying awake in bed relishing the fact that our sweet 20-month-old son, River, hadn't woken up yet, but lamenting…