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It's time for the next chapter in this story...

It started with a half-buried, century-old caboose that our town came together to save.
And now, it's time to write the next chapter.


– Our Story –

The Louisville Caboose is back – and it brought some company.

You dreamed big with us to save the caboose – 44,800 lbs big, in fact. And our town will never forget the day we made that century-old caboose fly, saving it from being demolished:

We’re now asking you to dream…even bigger.

Our vision is to create a scene right out of the coal-mining, train-tracking Louisville from a century past at Louisville’s East Gateway to downtown, bringing nostalgic joy to the people of our small town for decades to come.

At 1155 Pine Street, we’re recreating a two-car section of the historic Colorado & Southern Railway that tracked through Louisville a century ago. We’re placing The Louisville Caboose, built in 1915, and a genuine C&S Boxcar, built in 1898, on historic tracks from the early 1900s. Not only that, but we’re placing them almost exactly along the path of the original tracks that went through Louisville.

The new railway will also be situated next to the “Miners’ Mansion” – a quaint, historic Miners’ Cabin built in the early 1900s from parts of a decommissioned boxcar.

We hope that all of this together – this scene right out of the coal-mining, train-tracking Louisville from a century past – will bring smiles to the people of Louisville and visitors for years to come.

Will you join us in this crazy adventure and help us make something unforgettable at the East Gateway to our little downtown in Louisville?

Restore The Railway

Thank you so much,

-The Ramos Family

General Update Dec 6, 2023

This is a general update video on the project, explaining what we’re hoping to accomplish together at 1155 Pine and the vision behind it.

The Original Campaign Fall 2019

See the original campaign video from when we saved The Louisville Caboose

Volunteer Day  Video January 2020

We couldn’t have dreamed of saving the caboose without the help of our community. Here’s a video showing our town hard at work to save the ‘boose!

We need your help!

If you build it, they will come. Right?! We rescued the caboose. We saved up and purchased the property at the East Gateway to Louisville. We laid the railbed. We craned in the 'Boose and its new Boxcar friend, bringing them back downtown. And's time to ask you to join this wild adventure.

Restore The Railway