Restore The Miners’ Railway at Louisville!


How do you restore two massive, century-old train cars?  It starts small. One board small, in our case. Then another, and another, until we’ve got two newly restored, beautiful train cars ready for all to see and enjoy.

Would you consider buying a board (or whatever you can afford!) to help restore The Miners’ Railway at Louisville?

*All donations are tax-deductible (through The Shortline Louisville, our 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to restoring, preserving, and maintaining the historic train cars and property at 1155 Pine).*


We need wood. So much wood! And not just any wood; we need that high-quality, old-growth, clear, dense, vertical grain Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood to make these cars last as long as possible.

How many of these snazzy boards would you like to donate?

Anything you can give toward restoring The Coal Miners’ Railway at Louisville is greatly appreciated!

Please input the dollar amount you’d like to contribute below.