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We believe in creating unforgettable memories,
living stories worth telling our grandkids someday,
and pursuing big dreams.

(44,800 pounds big, in this case)

If you live in Louisville and have ever asked yourself questions like ‘Who owns all those mint green and white VW Buses I keep seeing near downtown?’, ‘Why is code enforcement always writing tickets to the owners of those mint green and white VW Buses?’, or ‘Who is that family of with the small herd of boys running around in the back of Moxie?’, then you’ve probably run into us!

We weren’t exactly looking to extract a 104-year-old train from the cold earth in 5 weeks’ time at the onset of winter. But when we realized it was going to be demolished, we just had to do something. So…I guess we’re now ‘that family‘, too.

And to our friends at code enforcement: please don’t write us caboose-tickets. We promise not to park it on the street. At least not without valid license plates.

We’re not train experts

While Tate, our oldest son, was LITERALLY OBSESSED with trains until he was about 5, that doesn't exactly qualify us as train experts. Turns out that lots of experience chugging Thomas the Train around the house, reading every train-related book at the Louisville library, and visiting every train and transportation museum within 300 miles is all a little bit different than trying to chug a literal, gigantic train off its old tracks. But hey...there's a first time for everything, right?

We’re not lacking in the ‘boy’ department

We're a big, somewhat chaotic, full-of-love-and-slightly-too-much-testosterone family of five. And Laura, somehow in the midst of it all, maintains her sanity even though she's outnumbered in the boy-to-girl department by 4:1. She often finds herself officiating in - or unwittingly joining - wrestling matches, conversations about Grave Digger vs Megalodon, or telling her sweet boys that they need to put their undies back on. Let's just say she can *always* use a morning cup of coffee.

We love our small town

While we weren't around when the old train cars were first placed in Louisville half a century ago, we've been in Louisville for eight years now and absolutely love our little town. From rounding up the gang and riding our bikes downtown on summer evenings to strolls around Harper Lake, to living in our wonderful little neighborhood tucked off of Via Appia, we feel extremely blessed to get to live, work, and play in our amazing little town.