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This weekend was unforgettable. I’m still reeling from the two days we got to spend alongside so many of you as we prepared the caboose to move and began salvage operations on the boxcars. (And thanks to one of you amazing humans, Michael Brandwajn, we have this rad video to share.)

We dug. We demolished. The compressor caught on fire 😳. We started it back up and dug some more 😆. We torched wheels free from tracks. We smiled a lot, sweat even more, and had an unforgettable weekend working to rescue this old caboose.

This is #thespiritoflouisville in action.

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who came out. And enjoy the video!!

#thelouisvillecaboose #spiritoflouisville #louisvillepride #0027 #80027 #louisvilleco

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