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I’ve been struggling to keep on top of updates here or to social media lately, but had to at least get this (below) on here!

Yesterday morning, around 6:05am, I was laying awake in bed relishing the fact that our sweet 20-month-old son, River, hadn’t woken up yet, but lamenting the fact that my brain had already started kicking into gear and wouldn’t let me get a few more winks before daybreak.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed, beginning to bzzzzrbbbb itself across the nightstand. I quickly grabbed it so it wouldn’t wake Laura up.

A text message popped up on the screen. It was from someone named Erica, with 9News:

If I wasn’t already awake, I was now! My mind started racing, and my fingers quickly fumbled a response, telling her that we’d love to get to work with them to do a segment(!).

And…fast forward to six o’clock that night, here we were (below), all over Colorado!

We got to work with Travis Khachatoorian, a great guy who happens to be a 9News photojournalist, to do the piece, and he did a great job (thank you, Travis!).

Only Tate and myself could make it for the shoot, unfortunately, as Laura, Reid and River were at a MOPS meeting in Boulder (where Laura’s leads a small group), but it was great nonetheless and we had a ton of fun. Sidenote – I’m so glad they gave Tate the air-time and highlighted him and his enthusiasm for the whole project! Was so fun to see him talk to Travis, answer allll the questions, and have such courage in front of the big camera! Honestly, pretty sure Tate was a bit more calm and collected than I was! :D)

Hopefully it’ll be one of those unforgettable memories – the kind of thing he’ll show his grandkids, someday long from now :).

And a huge thank-you to 9News as well as everyone out there who saw the segment and made a contribution, gave us a shout, signed up to volunteer, or otherwise shared our story! Together, we’re making this happen!!

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  • Wendy Stoner-Lincoln says:

    Well, THIS is an amazing story! ; )

    Keep going y’all!!! So hoping the televised story helps with the fundraising! I cannot donate a lot but I believe in this effort and will give what I can (living on a budget ; ).

    I moved here 10 months ago and noticed the Caboose the very first time I walked to town from Steel Street, just across S. Boulder Road. My boyfriend, also a lover of old buildings and resurrecting history, practically swooned as we set our eyes upon the cool, old piece of the past. It was so heartening, two days ago, to see the car-length sign stretched across it’s facade as I headed downtown on foot. Best of luck! You all can do this, Ramos Family👍🏼‼️😉

  • The Ramos Family says:

    From our fam to you guys, thank you so much, Wendy! Your kind words go a long way!! 😀

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